What do you get when you hire a professional photographer?

Today is a different type of information day. I’m sending you to look at something that explains how photographers work. A great video from the talented Magnus Bogucki, a Swiss wedding photographer, who lays out in less than 3 minutes what exactly you are getting when you hire him. Obviously, other types of photography haveContinue reading “What do you get when you hire a professional photographer?”

Problem solving: How does a photographer serve up a solution?

As a commercial photographer each job presents it own challenges. I have always viewed myself more of a service provider that an artist. I look at what a client needs to get across to their target market and create images that serve that need. Here are 3 examples of the theory in practise. Case study: Edgen MurrayContinue reading “Problem solving: How does a photographer serve up a solution?”

Simple imagery fundamentals when branding your business

What are the important things to think about when choosing images for your website, Facebook, Instagram etc? Simple imagery fundamentals for branding your business.