Being a photographer and a trainer is all about communication—both visual and verbal—and I love communicating. Meeting new people is one of my favourite things, so networking isn’t just where I find a lot of my business—I also do it for fun. The other bonuses I get are:

• Helping people get over their dread of being photographed and showing them how to look positive and confident in their images—tiny changes to posture, eye contact and the way you hold your head make a big difference.

• Teaching people how to improve their photography for their businesses—it’s so satisfying to watch people’s attitudes change as they discover the power of images.

• Problem-solving and rising to challenges—like getting great photos in dark, badly-lit venues. I’ve never been beaten yet, but I’m always looking for new ways to communicate messages more effectively.

• Helping people tell their stories with the photographs I take. For me, the role of the photographer is to empower people and help them achieve—and that’s very rewarding.

• My studio in Leith—it’s light and airy with high ceilings and has a clean, open feel to it.