Presents for Everybody!

All I want for Christmas is for you all to have better photography for you and you businesses. Well that and world peace!

I was thinking what I could do to help the former and I decided presents were the way to go…as part of a clever (who am I kidding) marketing campaign. The title of this campaign…12 Working Days to Christmas…see what I did there. I figured advent is too long…25 days…nae chance! Then the 12 days of Christmas start on the 25th and who wants to be bothered with business over the holidays, so I’m combining them. See my genius 😛

Where are our presents I hear you cry!

christmas-2012-1I’m not going to lie you are going to have to do a bit of work and not everybody is going to get one. What I am going to do is put a daily post on at 9am on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and anyone who comments on those posts before 9pm on the same day goes in the draw to win that day’s prize. If you are the only person to comment you automatically win the prize. Woohoo!

What are the prizes? Well instead of making you check in everyday I’m going to tell you, so you can make a note in your diary for the prizes that you want. The prize schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1. Thursday 8th December: Profile picture day session (value £25) WINNER Nic Macaulay-Smith
  • Day 2. Friday 9th December: Event photography (value £130)
  • Day 3. Monday 12th December: Photography Training for Business Marketing (value £25)
  • Day 4. Tuesday 13th December: Property Photography (value £50)
  • Day 5. Wednesday 14th December: Profile picture day session (value £25)
  • Day 6. Thursday 15th December: 1hr Profile Pictures session (value £85)
  • Day 7. Friday 16th December: 1hr Photography for Business (value £110)
  • Day 8. Monday 19th December: Photography Training for Business Marketing (value £25)
  • Day 9. Tuesday 20th December: 1hr Business Image Review (value £85)
  • Day 10. Wednesday 21st December: Profile picture day session (value £25)
  • Day 11. Thursday 22nd December: Photography Training for Business Marketing In House team session (value £150)
  • Day 12. Friday 23rd December: 2hr Photography for Business (value £180)

More details will be given for the prizes each day. T&C will apply e.g. international travel not included!

I’m leaving the challenge of World Peace to the New Year, so if anyone has any ideas let me know. It’s going to have to be a collaborative effort!


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I'm a photographer, teacher, wanabe triathlete, ex-international rugby playing explorer.

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