5 questions to ask yourself about your social media images

“89% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers report they are using content marketing to increase leads and drive their brand forward” – Gary Henderson, Forbes

I’m not going to touch on the serious content of the article, you can read the full thing here, but it did get me thinking.

Always a dangerous thing!

Looking at it from an imagery perspective, what’s your content saying about your business? We looked at this last week at No Ties Networking when I was giving a talk on visual communication. Instead of just telling people stuff I took two of the businesses as case studies. Then used the knowledge and experience of the group (there are some excellent marketers and brand specialists) to develop some ideas to help those businesses with their visual content.

We can all refocus our social media content by asking ourselves the same 5 simple questions we discussed at No Ties (the questions are simple…the answers might be a bit harder ;):

  1. Who or what is your business? …ask yourself this 3 times and try and expand on the answer each time. The clearer you have this the easier it is to target your message.
  2. What do you want to say? …I suppose this is sort of looking at your USP, but maybe more importantly how you want people to see your business.
  3. Who is your target market? …pick someone as specific as possible. Generally only multinationals have the resources and budgets to target everyone. And they regularly get it wrong…see Pepsi.
  4. What do they want to see? …what do you think will engage your market? Get them over their indifference. What do they like looking at? How can you match that to what you want to say?
  5. What stops them buying from you? …people are naturally suspicious about services. You can use images to help people get over their concerns about buying from you by identifying these problems and then tackling them one by one.

There are no answers in this post, only questions. I need to do this for myself too. I’m often guilty of the same thing as everyone else with a small business and limited time. I grab random images with ‘that will do’ attitude…I would never do this to a client, so I’m not sure why I think it’s okay for me.

If you’d like to learn more…possibly with answers this time…I will be putting some training sessions together for the coming months. One of which will be a full-day and run in conjunction with Katie Goudie from Words that Work and Brendan Reilly from Dangerous Studios. We will take you through the whole process from planning to practical skills for both photography and video, so you can walk away with the skills and knowledge to get on with your content marketing.

Leave your email address below or signup and we will let you know what we have planned.

Any other questions or requests for info just give me a shout.

Claire x


Competition Winners!


  • Profile picture day session (value £25) Nic Macaulay-Smith
  • Event photography (value £130) Jennifer Skedd, Artisan Stitch
  • Photography Training for Business Marketing (value £25) Jonathan Downie
  • Property Photography (value £50) Tara Macgregor, Ticketyboo Marketing
  • Profile picture day session (value £25) David Robertson, EICC
  • 1hr Profile Pictures session (value £85) Cat Trebilco, Reach The Peak
  • 1hr Photography for Business (value £110) Claire Brotherton, A Bright Clear Web
  • Photography Training for Business Marketing (value £25) Gail Scott, Welgo
  • 1hr Business Image Review (value £85) Denise Strohsahl, Sandstone Castles 
  • Profile picture day session (value £25) Julia Lister, Cairngorms Webhelper
  • Photography Training for Business Marketing In House team session (value £150) Carrie Sanderson
  • 2hr Photography for Business (value £180) Catherine Lepreux Interiors 

I’ll contact all the winners individually with the details of their prizes. Congratulations!

If you’d like to see what I got up to in 2016 and are looking to procrastinate. I put together a wee gallery of 366 images for 366 days. A few of you might be featured 😉

Presents for Everybody!

All I want for Christmas is for you all to have better photography for you and you businesses. Well that and world peace!

I was thinking what I could do to help the former and I decided presents were the way to go…as part of a clever (who am I kidding) marketing campaign. The title of this campaign…12 Working Days to Christmas…see what I did there. I figured advent is too long…25 days…nae chance! Then the 12 days of Christmas start on the 25th and who wants to be bothered with business over the holidays, so I’m combining them. See my genius 😛

Where are our presents I hear you cry!

christmas-2012-1I’m not going to lie you are going to have to do a bit of work and not everybody is going to get one. What I am going to do is put a daily post on at 9am on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and anyone who comments on those posts before 9pm on the same day goes in the draw to win that day’s prize. If you are the only person to comment you automatically win the prize. Woohoo!

What are the prizes? Well instead of making you check in everyday I’m going to tell you, so you can make a note in your diary for the prizes that you want. The prize schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1. Thursday 8th December: Profile picture day session (value £25) WINNER Nic Macaulay-Smith
  • Day 2. Friday 9th December: Event photography (value £130)
  • Day 3. Monday 12th December: Photography Training for Business Marketing (value £25)
  • Day 4. Tuesday 13th December: Property Photography (value £50)
  • Day 5. Wednesday 14th December: Profile picture day session (value £25)
  • Day 6. Thursday 15th December: 1hr Profile Pictures session (value £85)
  • Day 7. Friday 16th December: 1hr Photography for Business (value £110)
  • Day 8. Monday 19th December: Photography Training for Business Marketing (value £25)
  • Day 9. Tuesday 20th December: 1hr Business Image Review (value £85)
  • Day 10. Wednesday 21st December: Profile picture day session (value £25)
  • Day 11. Thursday 22nd December: Photography Training for Business Marketing In House team session (value £150)
  • Day 12. Friday 23rd December: 2hr Photography for Business (value £180)

More details will be given for the prizes each day. T&C will apply e.g. international travel not included!

I’m leaving the challenge of World Peace to the New Year, so if anyone has any ideas let me know. It’s going to have to be a collaborative effort!

Edinburgh castle silhouette with fireworks

Photography for fun training

This weekend, Sunday 14th September, in conjunction with Re-Union Canal Boats I will be hosting a photography workshop with a difference, on the lovely Lochrin Bell.

What do you want to take better pictures of?

Animals, the wild or the friendly?

People, big ones and little ones?



Join us on the Union Canal of a fun and informative morning improving your photography skills and knowledge.

You will learn some top tips on composition, whether you are using a camera phone, tablet or SLR. You will also be able to ask questions about your photography challenges, practice your specific interests and get tips and feedback on your pictures.

I am bringing all my experience and lots of enthusiasm to the canal for this 2 hour course, which will begin by looking at how to compose better pictures in general and specific tips for different kinds of photography. Then there will be time for questions before lots of practice opportunities both on and off the boat, feedback, more tips, more practice and tea, coffee and cake.

Join us by booking your tickets here.

group commercial

Business with personality – SpinTop Media

A few weeks ago I had a great shoot with the girls from SpinTop Media. We had lots of fun doing profile pictures, team photos and lots of stock images for them to present their brand.

Need someone to look after your social media marketing? Check them out!

New beginnings – DoubleTree by Hilton

After a huge amount of work the DoubleTree by Hilton launched the rebrand for what was the Point Hotel on Bread Street. It was a great night with some fabulous food!