End of the £25 Profile Picture

Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I haven't raised my rates in about 5 years. I restructured how I charged just to make it easier for clients, but I never actually put them up. Shocking I know! Drum roll please...you have one week to get in touch to get 2017/18 rates. Most of the general photography … Continue reading End of the £25 Profile Picture

Could a retainer save you money?

How a retainer might work for your business.

Communicating what to whom?

What do you want to say? Who do you want to say it to? Are the two most important questions you should ask yourself when thinking about the pictures you are taking for your business. Let us stick to social media for this post for brevity’s sake. What do you want to say? Images are … Continue reading Communicating what to whom?

Problem solving: How does a photographer serve up a solution?

As a commercial photographer each job presents it own challenges. I have always viewed myself more of a service provider that an artist. I look at what a client needs to get across to their target market and create images that serve that need. Here are 3 examples of the theory in practise. Case study: Edgen Murray … Continue reading Problem solving: How does a photographer serve up a solution?

Simple imagery fundamentals when branding your business

What are the important things to think about when choosing images for your website, Facebook, Instagram etc? Simple imagery fundamentals for branding your business.