5 Top Tips for Effortless Social Media Images


How do you take better pictures to represent yourself online? So you have all the right Social Media accounts…Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and a strategy on how you want to use them. You know stock photography sites you can use, but the problem is your USP is all about your people, your place, your product, so how do you get that across to your target market?

How do you improve your social media photography content? Not by using expensive equipment, but tablets, smartphones and your existing equipment to generate higher quality more engaging images for your websites and social media channels.

I’ve put together a training course to help SMEs and start-ups improve their photography. However, if all you’re looking for is a few quick tips here are a some things that can make a huge difference with very little effort.

Look: Look for light and interesting angles. Is the light coming from as strange direction? What colour is it? Are there reflective surfaces where you can see yourself? Picking an unusual angle of an everyday subject makes it more interesting.

Ask: Ask people to move closer together in group shots. It makes them awkward to get into each others personal space, but leads to better pictures. Ask if people mind having their pictures taken. It keeps people happier to be considered and can raise awareness of your company if you encourage them to check out the pictures on your social media channels.

Move: Move closer to your subject. Too much dead space is not (usually) that interesting. Move to change the perspective. Get lower or higher so your image is not what people would expect to see.

Use: Use the apps on the phone or tablet to make the best of your images quickly before you upload them. Use something to stabilise the camera like resting your arm or the camera itself on a table to keep the picture sharper, especially in low light situations.

Think: Think about the composition. Peoples eyes move from left to right across a picture, so put something there for them to look at. Think about a plan before the event. What is going to appeal to your target market? The venue, people, food, entertainment? Have a plan and you will save time on the day and be more likely to get the pictures you need.

Here are a few examples of different looks you can achieve from a camera phone and if you want to have a coffee and a chat to find out more give me a call 0776 309 2221 or email claire@clairewatson.co.uk


10 Comments Add yours

  1. helenlord says:

    Really useful tips Claire thanks.

    1. Claire says:

      Hope they help!

  2. juststaycurious says:

    Ha! I love the dinosaur! These are such great tips, especially as I think almost everyone has a camera phone nowadays.

  3. lucyjd says:

    Great advice thanks Claire. Useful to think about how people look at images.

  4. Great tips Claire. I really don’t put enough thought with regard to composition when I take photos. Going to really try and put some of your tips to good use 🙂

    1. Claire says:

      A wee bit of a plan can make a lot of difference.

  5. The good old L.A.M.U.T! Works every time… 🙂

    Love that masonry photo layout btw.

    1. Claire says:

      LAMUT…hahaha we aim to please 😉 The photo layout is just standard WordPress mosaic gallery…sometimes it comes out better than others.

  6. petulawrites says:

    Your photos are gorgeous. I am rarely able to capture an amazing shot with my phone. I try and try and every once in awhile – bam! LOL. Hopefully, your tips will help me and I’m not a loss cause.

    1. Claire says:

      Thanks! Think about what you like about the pictures you think are good and try and copy that. It’s a process. Keep practising!

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