Claire Watson Hi! My name is Claire. I am a photographer and commercial trainer and I want to improve your image by improving your images. I do this through the following ways.

1. Professional profile pictures: Whether you need images that can be matched across an international organisation or individual ones to capture what makes you unique as a sole trader, professional profile pictures (head shots) tell your customers a lot about who you are. I want to make sure that message is the right one.

2. Clear representation of people and product: People need to know who we are, where we are, what we do, what we sell. We can tell them or we can show them. An image speaks a thousand words…and it also has a much higher engagement rate. I work with you to take images that represent who you are and what you want to express for your business. The clearer the message the easier the sale.

3. Photography for business training: I teach you how to maximise the quality and efficiency of your photography for business (particularly online and social media) by looking at the equipment you have available (tablets, smart phones etc), the apps and software, general composition and guidelines for various styles of photography.



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