Getting started: taking action and setting goals

I have been meaning to do Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge for months. My excuses/reasons (depending on your perspective) for not taking the plunge have been vast and varied. My main question has been do I blog for the existing commercial photography side of my business or the new portraiture studio I am in the middle of setting up? I have been going round in circles on this for much more time than is productive. In the end the decision is obvious. The setting up the new side of the business and the existing commercial work have a common business based theme and are things I am constantly dealing with, so are both the most useful things to reflect on and easiest to come up with topics for.

Lesson 1: Stop wasting time (procrastination cost money)

Lesson 2: Often the obvious answer is the correct one (stop over thinking and trust my gut)

Lesson 3: Sometimes the path of least resistance is the one you should take, despite most of the motivational pictures on the internet say the opposite!

Day 1 Getting started STARTING POINT…Where does my online promotion currently stand?

  • Blog: Current number of posts 12. Frequency of posting: once every 3 months. Commenting on other blogs: almost never…hence the uninspiring screen shot.

Day1 Stats

  • LinkedIn: Blog posts once…maybe: Comments on other people’s posts once a week
  • Twitter: Erratic…not always relevant

Day 1 Twitter GOALS (measurable things for the next 30 days and final numbers)

  1. Blog everyday (Total 42 blogs).
  2. Comment on at least 2 other blogs.
  3. Post content (blog or other relevant content) on LinkedIn everyday (30 posts).
  4. Tweet relevant content 3 times a day (total tweets 3,152<).
  5. Follow 5 other bloggers on twitter every week (Total following 1,980).

NICE THINGS…stuff I’d like to happen but as I have no control over how other people will act I’m not including them in goals.

  1. Have 50 people reading my blog by the end of the 30 days.
  2. Have 3 pieces of work directly linked to the blog.
  3. Have a group of online blog based friends who I can bounce ideas off when needed and vice versa.

Woohoo! 1 down only 29 to go!


Published by Claire

I'm a photographer, teacher, wanabe triathlete, ex-international rugby playing explorer.

7 thoughts on “Getting started: taking action and setting goals

  1. Ambitious! I’m currently biting down to write one post a week for the coming months. One a day sounds overwhelming for myself.

    I have some tools recommendations though, that might help. Maybe you know them already, maybe not: – subscribe to all the blogs you’re interested in and read their posts from one place. Makes the commenting bit a lot easier. – queue social network posts for automatic posting with a configurable schedule. Enables you to batch the tweeting/LinkedIn posting. – search for tweeps to follow, based on many different criteria. Makes it easier to find unconnected people with shared interests. – manage Twitter and Instagram followers. Copy followers from influencers, unfollow non-followers, etc.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Want to get into the habit, so it is a bit of a grind but hopefully worth it by the end of the month. Thanks for the tips the first 2 I know but the second 2 are new to me. I’ll have a look. C x

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