Photography for business

Maximize your photography without the need for expensive equipment

  • Do you want to know how to improve your photography?
  • Are you using self-generated images to represent your brand?
  • Is generating relevant, engaging visual content important for your business?
  • Is it too early at this stage of your business journey to hire a photographer?
  • Do you need to generate large amounts of visual content quickly and regularly?
  • Is it more effective to train existing team members to take better photos?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions I can help.

Contact me to arrange a consultation at or call 07763092221.

For a better idea of the key ideas that can be covered here is previous course outline.

“About the Course

This 3 hour workshop is a step-by-step guide to improving images in a business context. In addition to looking at different styles of commercial photography you will also practice tricks and tips to take better pictures, on whatever is to hand, be it an iPad, phone or SLR. The workshop includes information on free editing software, copyright and real world case studies. Its goal is to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve your photography for your business.

You will learn about:

  • Equipment: It’s strengths and limitations, how to get the most out of what you have, avoid common mistakes and ways to circumvent buying expensive kit.
  • Editing: What free software is available, what sizes and quality of images you need for what platforms, how best to use apps to improve images quickly and efficiently.
  • Styles of photography: Key tips and tricks for a range of styles of photography including; people (portraits, groups shots), events (generating engagement), property (how to make it look bigger), products (get the colour right), etc.…this area of the workshop will be tailored, based on the need of those attending.
  • Composition: Simple rules to improve images and cheats to make them more interesting.
  • Planning: Identifying the images you need, how to get them, what to do with them, maximize your time.
  • Problem solving: how to deal with your photography challenges.

What will you need?

To get the most from the workshop bring the device (iPad, phone, point and shoot, SLR) that you use to do the photography for your business.”

Contact me to arrange a consultation or find out more about upcoming courses at or call 07763092221.

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