Commercial Rates

Commercial rates for service based businesses are priced according to time. Images are delivered to an agreed timescale and via Dropbox, USB or CD as per your preference as the client.

Full Day @ £500 (45 edited images)
Half Day @ £275 (25 edited images)
2 Hours @ £150 (15 edited images)

Professional Profile Pictures/Headshots            £35/person

The session takes place a a location of your choosing be it in my studio, your office or another place you feel better represents you or your company. Each session takes 10-15 minutes. I select the best 8-12 images from your session and upload them to a password protected online gallery. You then choose your favourite 3 images suggest any edits you would like (B&W etc). Finally, I edit and upload online resized (small) and print ready (large) files to Dropbox so you can use them from everything from company brochures, business cards, to LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Product Pricing (Basic)

Basic photography rate, suitable for sales catalogues, online shops etc. Product is shot in the studio and you receive 3 edited images per item*.

1 item  £30/each

2-10 items £25/each

11- 50 items £20/each

51-100 items £15/each

*Size restrictions apply and reflective items such as jewellery or glassware may be subject to a 20% increase, due to the additional equipment required.

Product Pricing (Creative)

Creative shoots for your product that places the product into context rather than purely extracted shots are planned* in collaboration with yourself and priced according to time, as follows:

£85 for the set up and first hour, £45 for each additional hour shooting and £25 for time spent editing. You have the choice of setting your budget and I will limit my time as specified. Alternately, you can specify the number of products and images you require and I will quote according to how much time I think it will take.

*The planning of the shoot is included in the setup rate.

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